Centenarian Club

Centenarians | CSRA-RC

CSRA residents who are 100 or older are invited to join the Centenarian Club. The AAA wants to hear from all centenarians as part of the ongoing project to capture the stories of the CSRA’s oldest residents as a way to bring attention to the amazing lives of these great Georgians.

Being a part of the club is free and the agency provides case management services and coordinates on-going support to centenarians and their families. Every year, the AAA also throws a community event called the Volunteer Awards and Centenarian Luncheon, where we invite members of the Centenarian Club to be acknowledged by the community. We understand that not every member wants to or can participate, but the AAA wants to recognize their stories and acknowledge how they've touched our community.

Anyone who knows of a centenarian can contact Joyce Tutt Cherry at (706) 210-2079 or jcherry@csrarc.ga.gov. Names are requested even if the centenarian is unable to attend events.